Curtain Call

Morning ride, pedaling hard least I am overtaken by the hottest part of the day. I pass as I always do on this particular ride a funeral home. Today something felt different. Both sides of the street void of cars with signs placed for several blocks along the avenue stating “Funeral parking only”. I wondered “Is no one coming to this departed’s celebration of life?” “surely the signs were timely placed in advance?” “I hope so…” Continuing I thought about those signs and their meaning. They are part of the right of passage of leaving this realm. We are all actors and actresses at our funerals headed to the familiar curtain call, to make a final appearance after the show has already ended and the audience is given an opportunity to express their appreciation. At the end of my ride I altered course to pass along that same street again. Signs in place, still no cars. Maybe the price of being the last one standing? I slowed down on my pedaling cadence…

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