“Steal this Book”

Something romantically enticing at least in this ole hippie , when a way is discovered to “beat the system”. Fell in Hippie Love with Abbie Hoffman’s philosophy annotated with words of wisdom on how to get over on the “system” in the sixties.  Funny how we felt the “system” encroach upon us back then, and fifty years later we are literally pinned in from all sides by the bloating of this very same set of systems. What would Abbie tell us today?

So ironic is that even thought this much more sophisticated, financially bloated, all encompassing set of systems we find ourselves tethered to, the opportunities to beat these systems are even more numerous and advantageous then they were back in the simple flower driven days of the sixties. All one has to do is as Bill Murray did in his video documented stepping out of familiar surroundings  ” take baby steps”, small steps away from what I label as suburban thinking and explore some of these out of the beaten path ways of surviving the systems we find ourselves totally immersed in. Why not?  What have you got to lose?  What’s more important, “What have you got gain?”. We have lost a part of ourselves fitting into the molds of the societal machine. Step out, leave suburbian thinking behind and awaken that which slumbers.

Let the journey begin…